MissE is 3!

I haven’t done birthday posts this year, most likely because it’s still birthday season and I just get bogged down in it and only come up for air in March. But I’m currently tired of my own excuses, so here we are, only a couple of weeks late!


This is my Baby. My last baby. So much drama, thought, prayer, learning and worry surrounds the story that is MissE, her conception, gestation, and onward. I learned some hard lessons about myself and faith through her, and I will be forever grateful for that experience, and could hardly ask for more. But to have been further blessed with this amazingly sweet, funny, loving, bubbly little character is proof that my Heavenly Father loves me more than I can ever comprehend or deserve.


Though she is painfully, ridiculously shy with strangers, she adores her family – all she wants is to spend time with me all day, she’s the first one barreling towards Dad when he walks in the door; she can’t wait for her big brothers and sister to come home from school; visits from Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunties and cousins send her over the moon. She loves to sing, dance, be silly and play. She loves her Dora, sausage, and chocolate milk (preferably simultaneously). She loves life and reminds me how I should be loving it – freely, joyously, without worry or reservation.


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