Mom is TIRED of kids getting the scoop on her. Ha! Fixed that.




I don’t have anything profound to say. I probably should. Stuff about the true meaning of Christmas. About family and love. Yeah. That kind of stuff.

But I’m still tired, so I’ll be brief. As always, it was crazy leading up to The Big Day, with the necessary gift strategizing, lowest-price shopping and obtaining; basketball practices until 8:30 every weeknight (for the first time ever – bah humbug!); teacher/neighbor/friend treat baking, cleaning and prep for Christmas Eve dinner; and much more I probably should remember.

But it all came together in the end, and was a fairly mellow and (I like to think) successful event.

Unfortunately, we were invaded by the icky stomach flu, with most of us succumbing to at least a day of feeling icky. And I got a lovely head cold which continues to linger. But we did spend some nice, quiet-ish family time over the kids’ break, the kids are pretty happy, and it’s over for another year.

Thank goodness.


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