Happy 4th!

The 4th was a great day. We skipped the church breakfast, as 8:00 just seemed waaaayyy too early to everyone that day. Had tons of family over, had some awesome pulled pork (man, we just seem to make it better each time! :)), good food and tons of fun.

MissE and her Daddy

Auntie Nanoo (The Hoveenator)

The Pyromaniac Gang

Papasan and Nate the Great

Miss Zoe

Can you guess what Mace was imagining this sparkler was? If you guessed a weapon of any kind – you’re right!

Auntie Auntie

Grandpa Joe as the Statue of Liberty


No, that is absolutely not a mortar shooting into the air, Officer. Cuz they’re illegal here!

The Grandmas

MissE and Auntie RaeRae

Don’t know why, but almost all my pictures of her end up looking like this.

My Daddy

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