Dance Class!

After much fretting about whether to start MaraJade in dance now, and where and when and how, we decided to try some classes for the summer. A local studio had unlimited classes for July and August for a super good price, so I signed MaraJade up for ballet and jazz, thinking to get a feel for how/if she enjoyed dancing.

Well, she loves it. I, unfortunately, am less than impressed. I truly don’t know if it’s just because I danced for so long and am now a bit of a dance snob, or if my childhood dance studio had much higher standards, or if I’m just getting old and crochety, but I’m really not feeling this place. First, it’s run completely sloppily, with no real order or instruction anywhere – from behind the desk to in the studio. The teacher doesn’t introduce herself, can’t remember the girls’ names, doesn’t have anyone line up, etc. It’s kind of a slightly organized free-for-all. Jazz and ballet classes are only distinguishable from one another by the music they play. Foot positions are “open book” (first) and “penguin” (second). Freeze Dance is employed for much of the 30 minutes. Hmmmph. Gripe.

(Oh! Oh! And the pictures of their dancers on the wall! Holy cow! The pre-teen and teenage girls are wide-legged straddling chairs and giving the camera a full-on “come hither” look. Ewww!)

Then I talked to a friend who had a similar experience at another little studio I’d been looking at. Paying for running around and less-than-impressive dancing, even from the “veterans” in their studio. Hmmph. Gripe. Worry.

Then I had a little light bulb moment. I danced for a few years (like 13). I helped coach dance team for 1 year. It’s possible I could teach my 5-year-old the basics of dance. Duh!

So I’m going to start our own little studio in the living room, setting aside 30 minute class times at set times each week. I think it might be fun. It’ll certainly be cheaper than $40-65/month for 45 minutes of class time, plus costumes and such. It’ll be less stress for me since I’m already going 3-4 different directions with the whole family’s various activities. And I think she might get a better foundation this way. I can teach her all the basics in more detail and cover more ground – I hope. And in a couple of years when we maybe have a little more money and it becomes more important to be in the studio, we’ll shop around for a higher-caliber studio. But we will dance nonetheless!


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