Miss MaraJade is 5!

So I’m totally behind on this one, but I kept forgetting to get the pictures off the camera, etc., etc., etc., and suddenly it’s August! Eek! So here’s to you, my favorite 5-year-old!

5 years. Such a long time when you’re a child. Such a short time in the ever-increasing, speeding-by timeline of your own child. I truly can’t believe that a little over 5 years ago, I didn’t know what it was to have a little girl. Was quite certain, in fact (in my Debbie Downer, self-pitying moments), that I would never have a daughter. But against all the odds, and after a bit of trouble (and a bit of hurrying there at the end – we had a deadline to meet, after all!), she was here. She brought a whole new spirit and – well, vibe – to our family. After 2 crazy little boys, whom I loved dearly and came to understand, it was amazing to finally “get” one of my kids. When she developed a passion for shoes at under 1 year, I got it. When she mommied her baby dolls and animals all around the clock, I got it. When she preened in her little toy vanity, I got it. When she had to wear a dress or skirt every single day, I got it. This didn’t necessarily make her easier to raise, just not so foreign – more familiar. The boys – I still don’t understand why they have to throw everything instead of just handing it to me.

I love that she loves Barbie movies and princesses and everything girly. I certainly wouldn’t love her any less if she were a tomboy, but I sure do identify with her this way. And we get to share such special moments because of our very girlness.

She’s sweet and loving and bossy and sassy. She’s fiery and aggressive like her namesake (and, well, maybe her mom). She’s almost a teenager (in her own mind), and already scaring her daddy with thoughts of boys chasing after her and her big blue eyes. She still won’t talk to strangers (or, heck, sometimes even people she knows), but she’s learned to speak with those eyes, if only you know her language. She brings us joy and flowers, sunshine and music every moment of her life.

Happy Birthday, my MaraJade!


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