As most everyone probably knows, we used to have cats. Lots of cats. 7, to be exact, over a 5 year period. By the time Tristen was born, we had 5, and (for various reasons) by the time MaraJade came alongs, we were down to 3. However, when she was around 1, we discovered she and Mace were likely allergic to them, and they were being constantly harassed by Wild Man Mace, and otherwise ignored by the rest of us since we were so busy just running our little family. So we sadly said good-bye to the last 3. It was very sad, but also kind of liberating.

Then we got the Ronan when Monster was 1 1/2, and we said that was it! But Tristen was constantly pining for a cat again, so we promised him we would get one when he turned 10 – but were kind of hoping he’d forget and we’d be off the hook.

So, as I’ve commented, MissE was totally obsessed with the kittens at the farm in Idaho – along with all the other kids. This sort of softened PJ toward the idea of getting a cat again next year. Well, coincidentally, some free kittens were chanced upon in Idaho. They were quite cute, and PJ consented.

So little Quorra (pronounced just like Cora) came to us. She rode home with Grandma and Aunt Jaime and the kids were just beside themselves waiting for her to arrive. It was about 9 at night when I got her home, and a funny thing happened. Eowyn lost. her. mind. over the cat. Literally. She was absolutely hysterical over the cat, and would scream and cry and shriek if anyone else held or petted her, then would instantly calm down once she could hold her. Then it would start all over again. We were seriously wondering if this would work if MissE was going to act like this. Luckily, after a day or so, she calmed down (for the most part) and let little Quorra settle in.

I’d forgotten what it was like to have a kitten around. The middle-of-the-night insanity especially. We eventually moved her to the girls’ room to sleep at night, but she really loves to squeeze in through the bars of Eowyn’s crib and play (attack) her head in the middle of the night, waking up the child I’ve so painstakingly gotten to sleep in her own bed. Grrrrrr.

Ronan was very ingtrigued with the lovely little snack we brought him, then puzzled when we wouldn’t let him eat it. But he quickly caught on and wanted to play, much to Quorra’s furious indignation. But 6 weeks or so later – they’re coming around. It’ll be fun when they really start to play together.

So that’s it. 1 dog, 1 cat. The kids are happy and I’m not totally insane. I can do this.


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