Idaho! ~Edited~

We set out the day after school ended for Boise to stay at PJ’s aunt and uncle’s bird farm. And despite some pretty rotten traffic luck (and my many fears), the kids were great!

Everyone had a fabulous time, jumping on the trampoline, riding the 4-wheeler, playing with cousins, visiting the many many birds, swimming in the ditch, playing with the dollhouses, and just laying about. Definitely our favorite place to hang out for vacation.

The boys especially loved visiting with their teenage boy cousins and just running around like maniacs, MaraJade spent 80% of her time in the living room with the giant dollhouses, and Eowyn was pretty much in heaven all around. She was obsessed with the little kittens and birds in the house and easily doubled her vocabulary in the time we were there. By the end of the trip, she was constantly saying, “outSIDE!”, “Kee” (kitty), “bieete!” (bite), “wheeng” (swing) and much more.


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