Where’s My Prince?

Some kind friends dropped off a bag of clothes for the girls, as well as a cute ride-on toy for MissE. She immediately fell in love with the pretty pink car with princesses on it. She really loves the buttons on the steering wheel that play either a princess phrase or a little ditty. Mace isn’t loving it quite as much. The constant playing of the song seems to disturb his delicate auditory balance – because of course he never does anything loud or annoying. He’s even been seen tossing the toy into the bathroom and slamming the door, telling MissE “No more!” I’d feel bad for him if I didn’t remember the many things he does each and every day that are annoying in the extreme.

Anyway, I think this video pretty much sums it up;


One thought on “Where’s My Prince?

  1. Oh how funny! I love it! You have to sort of love tormenting the innocent with that song. It's cute how much Eowyn loves it. Little princess!

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