Maceism of the Day – 3/25/11

In the car (again), the boys somehow got to asking me about Grandma Beth. They asked if she was my mom (we’ve actually had this conversation many times, but I know it’s confusing for them), and I replied no, she’s my stepmom. Conversation followed thusly:

Mace: “Do I have a stepmom?”
Me: “No. If Daddy and I got divorced, and he married a different woman, that would be your stepmom.”
Mace: Pause. “Oh.” Pause. “So is Alex your stepdad?”
Me: Pause. Think…think….think…ummm…..
Mace: “No. He’s just Grandma’s friend.” Pause. “When will they have kids?”
Me: “They’re not going to. Auntie Auntie and I are Grandma’s only kids.”
Mace: Pause.
Me: Waiting….cringing…
Mace: “Do I have a stepdad?”
Me: Whew! He moved on! “No, but if Dad and I divorced, and I married a different man, he would be your stepdad.”
Mace: Pause.
Me: “Would you like that? Having another dad?”
Mace: “No way!” Thinking Pause. “Unless you married James Bond. That would be pretty cool!”


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