Maceism of the Day – 3/7/11

Last month, in church, the kids were learning about the Plan of Salvation and the levels of Heaven (Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial – highest to lowest (go to and search the site for a much better description than I can give right now)). As ususal, figured they weren’t paying too much attention.

Fast forward to today in the car. MaraJade and Mace are fighting over some toy (go figure!), which Monster has possession of and is gleefully denying Mace access to. Very calmly, Mace says, “If you won’t share that with me, you’re going to go to the Telestial Kingdom. And then you’ll be sad.” Unfazed, Monster still won’t give, so Mace launches into a mini-POS lesson, enlightening her on what she’d be missing out on if she makes such a poor decision.

At least someone is learning.


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