Baby, Baby, Baby – Oh!!

Oh, Justin Bieber, to think that just a few short months ago, I was only vaguely aware of you. Now, I rarely go more than a day without your songs running through my head.

Mace loves Justin Bieber. We don’t know why – we think maybe Justin is his first realization that the music on the radio or his mp3 player is being sung by people, and one who’s just a kid – wow! Anyway, we made sure Santa brought Mace Justin’s CD to load onto his new mp3 player, and right away all the kiddos were in full Bieber-mania. Most times I send the boys to their room to clean, they plug their player into their speakers, crank up Justin and end up dancing instead of cleaning. Exercise, I guess?

Anyway, I couldn’t resist getting some footage of Mr. Mace singing along. I kept trying to be stealthy, thinking he might be embarrassed, but just couldn’t manage it. So I came right out and asked him to sing it for the camera, and wouldn’t you know – the others wanted to perform, too. Mace knew the most lyrics correctly, Tiana put the most “funk” into it, and Tristen totally cheated by listening as he sang. 🙂

So here they are (watching these is one of Miss E’s favorite pasttimes):


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