The Trials of Eowyn

She’s a sweet little baby, but unfortunately for me, is a horrible combination of severely attached to Mommy and a terrible sleeper. Up until about a month ago, she was sleeping fine – just nursing a couple of times a night, but had to be with Mommy, of course. Which is fine – we have co-slept with all our babies; it’s what works best and we like to do. However, once she started sitting up and crawling, plus teething, it’s gotten really bad. She nurses incessantly through the night, nursing and pulling away so much that my attempts to sleep through it are constanly interrupted.

During the day, she needs to be with me pretty much all the time. If I manage to put her down and get her distracted with a toy, then sneak away, she’s perfectly fine – until she catches sight of me. Then it’s a mad crawl back to me, yelling all the way.

Her yelling: she doesn’t “cry” so much as “yell”. I’ve tried many times to capture the sound of her displeasure at not being the center of my hands-on attention, but strangely enough, as soon as I turn the Flip on, she shuts off the yelling and starts cooing and performing for the camera. Little twerp.


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