Recent Random Kid Quotes

In the car after school the first week back, I asked Tristen if Dolcee was in his class (Dolcee was his “girlfriend” in Kindy and first grade). He said, “No. But that’s OK.” Me: “Why? Don’t you like her anymore?” T (getting embarrassed): “No. But sometimes, when I see her, I get embarrassed.” Hmmm… The conversation continues randomly, then he turns around to Mace and explains, “Sometimes, when you see that special girl, you might feel funny. That means you like her.” That special girl? Oh, crap. And for the next few days, he and Mace would have mini-talks about that sort of thing, always talking about that special girl.

Related (probably during one of these talks), Tristen tells Mace that, “It’s OK to get scratched up or hurt a little. Because girls think scars are hot.” My heart literally stopped for a second. I had been sure he’d say “cool” or “gross” or anything else. Hot?? My baby boy is saying this word in this context and I simply cannot believe my ears. Just last year, if we even teased him about Dolcee, he’d get embarrassed, but also a little icked out. Now people are “hot.” Oh, fercryin’outloud.

The other day (again, in the car – we spend a lot of time there), Mace and MaraJade are playing in the backseat and Mace says or does something random. MaraJade giggles and replies, “Oh, Mace, how romantic!” in this high-pitched affected girlie voice. Weird.

**Update: Have heard her say this a few more times in play – apparently it’s her new “go-to” phrase. Never used in proper context, thank goodness.**


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