Well, it had to happen sometime…

And, in fact, I’m amazed it took this long.

Saturday morning, I was getting my hair cut, T was at soccer practice, and PJ was home with Monster, Mace and Miss E. I pick up T and come home after about 2 hours. I’m catching up with the baby and finally look at MaraJade, thinking, “Man, her hair is really matted on that one side.” Pull her closer and see – no….it’s gone!

I immediately know what happened, since she and Mace do everything together these days and Mace’s current obsession is drawing items (Ben 10 Omnitrixes, Green Lantern rings, his favorite superheroes, etc.), coloring them, then cutting them out (and wearing them, in the case of the Omitrixes and rings). So obviously they took scissors to the next level. And who knows, maybe they knew I was getting my hair cut, so….?

Anyway, PJ was – how shall I say it – not pleased. I’m not sure Mace has ever seen his dad so angry with him. And I couldn’t get a straight story out of either of them. All Mace could say (um, sob) was, “MaraJade gave me the scissors!” Oh, and, “I’m sorry!”

MaraJade was appropriately despondent when we informed her that we would have to cut the rest of her hair off to match the chopped section.

So, once the yelling and tears had abated, we made an appointment with my hair stylists (completely awesome, BTW!) to have them fix it. I probably could have done it, since I’ve always cut the boys’ hair, but I wanted to see how they do it first. Plus, I thought it might have more impact for her? Who knows. Off to Teal Salon! Super Janelle’s awesome work! (You can’t see it, but there’s glitter spray on the top.)

Side note: Later that day, I found this stuffed in one of Eowyn’s toys:
Of course, we still can’t get a clear picture of what happened from those two, but close as I can figure, they somehow matted the heck out of several chunks of her hair, tried to wash and comb it out, then decided just to cut it. To keep from getting in trouble, of course.

2 thoughts on “Well, it had to happen sometime…

  1. I am crying from laughing so hard. Her little face is soooo sad!! Oh man. What a precious little peanut! Definitely adorable with her new hair do though. So cute!-Dee

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