MaraJade, the Union Rep

Last night, we let Monster stay in the boys’ room for a while after “bed time” (yeah, right – during summer that comes 1-2 hours after we send them to bed) to play and such. PJ was making popcorn, when suddenly she appears in the kitchen and says, “Um, we were wanting, um 3 (holds up 3 fingers, just in case) po’corns for us.” We say yes, and she runs back into the boys’ room, yelling, “Yay! We gonna get po’corn!” Look out, Norma Rae!
**Note: this was also Eowyn’s first popcorn. Holy cow, I couldn’t bite off kernels fast enough for her! She was yelling at me every few seconds until I gave her more. Looks like we’ve got yet another popcorn fiend in the house!

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