7 Months Old!

7 months ago today, after much drama and chaos, this sweet baby girl finally made her appearance. To be honest, towards the end I wasn’t sure if she would really be worth it. (Hey, it was a long, rough, arduous pregnancy.) But she’s made almost every moment since a true joy.

She’s so very happy almost all the time – well, as long as Mommy is around. As tiresome as it is sometimes, I have to admit kind of liking this. None of the other babies so completely favored me and my presence over anyone else. It’s kinda nice to feel so loved. She just lights up when she sees me, leaning and straining to get to me. Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t get old sometimes – but overall, I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

But she really just goes with the flow, playing with her big bros and sis, yanking on whichever appendage the foolish dog happens to leave within her reach, and just being in the middle of whatever is going on.

She’s trying hard to crawl, currently wanting to be on the floor rolling around and scooting all over the place all the time. She’ll push up on her hands & knees and somehow maneuver her little body far from her starting point. Soon she’ll be everywhere!

The first of many (many, many) waffles!

Man, I love this baby girl!!


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