13 Years and Still Going Strong…

You know, it really shouldn’t have worked. 2 teenagers, meeting in a dark, smoky, disreputable dance club 16 1/2 years ago, where one-night hook-ups were the expectation. Nothing long-term should have come of such a night. It should likely have ended as just a brief high school romance. From 2 different backgrounds, living in 2 different cities. Nothing obvious to so closely bond us. Yet time passed, and together we stayed. Through the remaining years of high school. Through my senior prom, the night we became “officially” engaged – much to some family members’ extreme concern. In fact, moments before I walked down that aisle, I was advised by a family member that, “It’s not too late. If you’re not totally sure, you can back out now.” But I didn’t, and here we are, living our own happily ever after.


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