The Perpetually Bedraggled Princess is 4!

I really can’t believe my baby girl is 4. Somehow, her pregnancy and infancy still seem so vivid as to have just happened. But she is a big girl. She’s bossy and sassy, sweet and lovable, and constantly bedraggled and messy. She loves to sit quietly and play with any sort of doll, she lives in her princess dress-up dresses with clackety shoes, she sings along with her favorite shows, and will color for hours.

We had her party on Sunday, since my mom and other family happened to be in town. Then, Wednesday was her day – she got to choose her food all day (Eggos, then Bagel Bites, then chicken nuggets with applesauce and carrots), I took her to Target to buy another Princess Polly Pocket with her birthday money, then we came home and made cupcakes. Quite the spoiled girl – appropriate for a princess. 🙂


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