Camping!! At home….

The stake had a father-son campout the weekend of Father’s Day. We had been planning to have PJ take the boys, then Tristen injured himself. We eventually decided to have them go anyway, then, 2 days before the trip, Mace came down with a terrible bout of croup. With one sick, and the other likely to catch it soon, we had to scrap the campout this year. But we tried to make up for it with a home campout, complete with s’mores roasted in the fire pit, sleeping on the air mattress in the basement, and a late movie (well, you can’t do that camping, I guess).

Side note: Also good we didn’t go: turns out Tristen somehow broke the front of his cast off, and we didn’t notice (or it didn’t happen) until around 10:00 pm Friday. Duct tape worked for the next couple of days, then we went in and got a new one. Good thing, too, since I got to wash his leg and foot. One week, and already it was quite funky. Eeeww.

Mace – the lone holdout to the end of the movie. Independence Day was quite riveting to him – lots of questions about it in the days following.

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