5 months old!

Quick update on the cutest baby girl I’ve seen in almost 4 years.

She’s such a happy little baby – but especially when she’s with her Mommy. Maybe it’s just because it’s been so long since I’ve had a baby, or just faulty memory, but I think she enjoys being with me more than any of the others did. She just lights up when she sees me and leans toward me, squirming to get to me. And when I get close enough, she’ll grab my hair and yank me in close and try to eat my face, smiling and laughing the whole time.

She loves kisses – kissing her on her little face will usually calm her down. Can’t get any good pictures of her because every time she sees the camera, she freezes up and just stares at it.

Her big brothers and sister just light her up – particularly Mace. He also pays her the most attention, but nobody can get her to laugh like Mace can. He always wants to hold her, and is constantly messing with her face. He’ll squish her cheeks together, saying “Supa Chubba Bayba” or hold her ears out and call her Monkey Baby. They’re already buddies.

Unfortunately, with anyone other than Mom, Dad or the siblings, she generally cries. Sometimes immediately, sometimes in a couple of minutes, but almost without fail.

She’s sick right now – likely a variation of Mace & MaraJade’s current croup bout. She’s had a fever for around a day now, and a snotty nose. She slept in 1/2-hour and 1-hour chunks last night, and often woke up just crying uncontrollably because she felt so yucky. But once she was up, she’s been happy and fun – even though she’s still a sicky.


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