End of the Year – Take 2

On the last Wednesday before school was out, Tristen was playing Tag at Cub Scouts, took a leap off the stage and landed a little funny. He came home limping and hurt, saying it felt like something was poking his foot when he walked on it. Hmmmm…. So the next day, I take him to the doctor, and sure enough, a small part of his first metatarsal (the bone behind his big toe) is fractured. Doctor says just keep him off it for a few weeks. Hmmmmm…. However, by Friday, their office calls, confirming the break and saying we can either continue with RICE or we can put a cast on it. Duh! Monday (after the Oaks Park trip) we get it casted, and Dr. gives us a prescription for a walking cast/boot to go over it so he can actually walk on it. After two days of searching and researching for someone local who can get us one in a child’s size, we end up using the same company who got us PJ’s post-op knee brace and CPM machine. The guy very kindly goes to Tristen’s school to fit it, as it’s now the last day of school and I don’t want him to miss out. So now here we are – 4 weeks to go!

Oaks Park all-school field trip. Auntie Rae graciously came along to chaperone/assist with Mace’s class since I was a bit hampered with baby duty. PJ took Tristen and his group, with Tristen very happy in his “wheelie-chair”.

We love Mrs. O!!

Kindergarten Graduation – Mace is officially a first grader!! Oh, that poor, unsuspecting first grade teacher!

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