Best Buddies

Savannah and her sister Ruby are MaraJade’s best friends. And they’re mommy is one of my best buddies. And – oh yeah – they’re moving.

Of the 7 babies born within a couple of months of MaraJade, only 2 will remain in a month or so – everyone else has/will have moved away. And this last one will be hardest for Monster. I don’t know what she’ll do without her Banna.

Anyway, there’s not point in being maudlin – it’s a good move for the family and all that – plus, I just don’t really want to talk about it. And I’m trying very hard not to project my personal feelings about it onto the Monster, so….

We’ll take a look back at some of their recent fun times:

Playing at the Mall
At the Fairy Party

Hanging in the Park after Story Time at the library

Our Super Fun MAX Adventure Day!

We’re really going to miss the Marsees.

2 thoughts on “Best Buddies

  1. Thanks for that. I have been trying to avoid blogs that make me cry!! You are the best and I will miss seeing you almost everyday!! So will my girls. Ruby will probably continue to blame Mace for everything though, so that will be a good reminder for us 🙂 Love you!

  2. Makes me cry too!!! I think we should just move away too Mel, so nobody will be in the ward anymore! lol.. Chase and Emma are going to miss them so much too! And of course I will to !!! That just means, you and me are gonna have to start hanging out a lot more!!! Love you both!

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