Baby Update

Yes, Eowyn’s still here, and though she doesn’t get blogged about much, is (obviously) the biggest part of my days and nights right now.

At 10 weeks, she’s no longer a little lump and is developing a cute little personality. She smiles a lot for me – not so much for other people. I tell PJ – take off her diaper! She is just like her big sister and is super happy to be bare-bottomed. I even made her laugh yesterday! Then she cried. She coos and talks to me lots.

She still sleeps a lot, although never when I need her to (of course!). My day consists of feeding and changing her, then trying to accomplish anything in the 30 minutes she’ll sleep without me. Of course, when I sit and hold her, she’ll sleep for 4 hours straight. But that doesn’t help the state of my house, which has a certain funk to it right now that I just can’t locate and don’t have the time to fully investigate, let alone remedy. Fun.

Anyway. Overall, she’s a very happy, pleasant little girl – when she’s with her mommy. She sleeps really well at night, will sit in the swing or bouncer for a little while for me, and is such fun. And she looks so much like Mace, which is cool, since he was the most beautiful baby – really. And it’ll be neat if she ends up with his eyes and eyelashes, which are totally wasted on a boy. 🙂
She’s going to love me for this someday.
What most of her pictures look like. The flash freaks her out.
Caught a smile! Of course, it’s blurry!!


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