Super Secret Surprise Day

As our “big” (read=only) Spring Break excursion, I got a smokin’ deal to take us to the Family Fun Center (Bullwinkle’s) in Wilsonville. We built it up for the kids, telling them we were going somewhere fun on Tuesday, but not where. They asked over and over, but we just said it was going to be a Super Secret Surprise.

When we got there, they still really didn’t understand what was going to happen, but over the next 7 hours, we:
  • drove/rode in Go Karts
  • rode in Bumper Boats
  • did the Sky Trail (well, Tristen did)
  • played miniature golf
  • played Lazer Tag (boys & dad)
  • rode the Frog Hopper
  • played in Kidopolis (MaraJade)
  • played video/arcade games
  • ate lunch in Bullwinkle’s restaurant
The weather was beautiful, the kids had a blast, Eowyn amazingly slept most of the time in the stroller or on Mom, and it was all-around a pretty great day. It was really nice to be able to do something like this with them, and I hope they remember it fondly – cause it ain’t happening again anytime soon. 🙂

No, Mace didn’t like the Bumper Boats at all – all 3 times. Suuurre.

Tristen on Sky Trail.Tristen with the very nice lady who let him hitch a ride at the end of our long day.

MaraJade & Dad.

A very happy racing Mace! And Dad.

Just a minute before she dropped the sucker on the ground and broke it.

Frog Hopper!

Nice form PJ!

See Tristen’s face? PJ had just made a hole in one and Tristen couldn’t believe it!

A very cool hole – MaraJade wanted to go in the house.

Eowyn Awake.

And Eowyn Asleep.

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