Never thought I’d see the day….

Yes, that’s my little man, hiding out in the computer chair………..reading.

I think back to when he was a baby and toddler and absolutely refused to still there and let me read to him. And to him as a kindergartener, having battles to get him to say the letter sounds.

I thought for sure he’d never read, but by the end of kindergarten (Mrs. O and Ms. D rock!), he was reading. By the end of first grade, he was doing better than I’d expected. And by this year, he can sound out just about anything.

But I still never thought he’d see reading as anything more than a chore for school. So when I got the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books from the library on a whim, I never expected this. He read the first one in 2 days, the next 2 in about a day each, and just finished the last. I actually had to say, “Put the book down while you eat, please.” Seriously! Yippee! And I had visions of myself when I’d go into his room at night to find him snuggled in bed, reading by the dim light of the night light (yeah, bad for the eyes….).

Off to search for more books for him to become immersed in!


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