Dinner Out

Last night, we were in town waiting for PJ to finish working, and decided to use one of our gift cards (Yay! for gift cards – we could/would never eat at a real restaurant without them!) and go to Harborside for dinner – with all of us.

The kids have been so very sad since Chili’s unexpectedly closed down, because that’s where we would go for our occasional dinners out and they just loved it. They’ve gotten pretty good in restaurants in the past year, but I’m still apprehensive when starting out.

Anyway, they were quite good at Harborside – certainly not angels, but I was pleased. Our server seemed sort of standoff-ish about the kids, but I didn’t think they’d done anything deserving scorn.

At the end, the kids are huddled together on the heater that runs along the window by our table, warming up while we finish our dessert. They’re playing and being goofy together, and our server comes by, stops and looks at them. Oh, no, I think – here it comes. Then she says, “I have never seen such well-behaved kids before. I expect a certain amount of craziness, but they were amazing. Wow.” She might just be stroking us for a bigger tip, but that’s fine by me – then the ladies at a nearby table chime in that they are totally impressed, as well.

– And now we will take a break for a moment of juvenile smugness and gloating. –

I’ve had to take some considerable crap over the years from people hinting, strongly implying, or outright saying how “bad” my kids (the boys especially) are, how crazy, wild and out-of-control (none of whom are actually reading this blog, I would imagine).

And so to them, I proudly say, “Ha!” and “Suck it!”

– Back to our regularly scheduled maturity level. –


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