Eowyn Update

Yeah, I know, I haven’t blogged much about this sweet baby at all. It’s been a tad busy around here the past few weeks. Oh, and my camera crapped out right after Mace’s party, and my backup camera will only hold a charge long enough to snap a couple of shots of anything. Anyway.

She’s such a sweet baby, (I’ll never understand when people ask, “Is she a good baby?” Really? Am I going to say, “Oh, she’s just rotten!” But I guess they’re just asking….) aside from the spitting up thing (Really, really hate that). She sleeps well at night, takes up all my time during the day, and is your average happy baby.

She’s finally waking up more, which is a good/bad thing. Now that she’s not sleeping all the time, she doesn’t quite know what to do with herself, aside from eat. But we got a vibrating seat yesterday that she just loves – she actually fell asleep peacefully in it a few minutes ago! Without me! Woo hoo!

I’ve always said that she has a pleased look about her, and she’s smiled at me for weeks now (PJ doesn’t believe me), but she’s really smiling now (in sporadic bursts), which is so fun. She loves to be with me and follows my voice and presence whenever I’m not holding her (love this, but makes it difficult to ever get anything done).

She’s getting huge! Already fits well into her 0-3 month clothes, and probably will be out of those in another 2-3 weeks. Eek! Of course, I just bought a case of 150 size 1 diapers, and she’s already starting to ooze out of those. Good planning.

The kids all love her. MaraJade always wants to share her blankie with the baby, Tristen loves on her and wants to hold and carry her, and Mace loves to talk to her in this super high-pitched voice.

So, aside from the having zero time to do anything (what with the constant carpooling, going to various doctor/physical therapy appointments, plus my regular chores/duties – I’ve got thank you notes to write people!!), it’s very nice right now. I’m not losing my mind at all. 🙂

Asleep! On her own!

One of the only ways she’ll sleep without me, propped up on the Boppy – just long enough for a shower for Mom.


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