Sometimes I hate being a responsible grown-up

So my favorite band ever is a-ha ( You may remember their hit “Take On Me” from 1985. They had modest success in the US after that, but only for a couple of years. However, internationally, they’ve been a huge hit ever since. They’ve made 14 albums, set a world attendance record at a stadium in Brazil, and have had successful solo careers as well. I’ve loved them ever since the beginning and have done whatever was necessary to get my hands on their import CDs (back before the days of Amazon!).

I’ve always told myself that if they ever tour anywhere in the US, I’m going to go see them in concert. Well, they are calling it quits after 25 years together, and are playing 2 cities in the US!!!! 4 shows in NYC and LA. And there is just no way I can go. It’ll be in May, so I’ll have a 4-month-old whom I just can’t leave. And even to fly to LA the day of the concert and fly back that night would be about $250, plus the concert ticket and other costs. Not the best use of $350-400 when we have medical bills and regular life to pay for. Crap. PJ told me to make it work, but I just can’t rationalize spending that kind of money on a one-time event when it could pay for, say, groceries for a month.

I hate growing up. It kinda sucks.


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