They Change! They green now!

Toward the end of my pregnancy, MaraJade started asking a lot of questions about the baby. “Does the baby have fingers?” “Does the baby walk?” “Does the baby have a nose?” And her most frequently asked: “Does the baby have eyes? What color are baby’s eyes?” I explained that they would probably be blue because we all have blue eyes. She responds, “But you eyes are green, Mommy.” I say that my eyes were blue when I was little like her, but they changed to green when I was older.

Fast forward a few weeks, and she still loves to talk about everyone’s eye color, then go look in the mirror to corroborate that, yes, her eyes are blue. (Typical convo: “Daddy’s eyes blue, Tristen’s eyes blue, Mace’s eyes blue, MaraJade’s eyes blue, ‘Owyn’s eyes blue, you eyes green!”) Then last week, after such a talk, she runs to the mirror to check, then runs back, all excited, saying, “Look! My eyes green now! They change! My eyes green now like yours!” And nobody can convince her differently. Yep, they green, Miss Monster.


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