Tender-hearted Tristen

I had rented The Secret Garden in the hopes that kids would be interested in watching, as it was one of my favorite books as a child. So PJ pops it in yesterday while I’m cooking Mace’s birthday dinner.

Early on, there’s a moment where (I wasn’t really watching, so didn’t see the full context) Baby Colin is crying, abandoned in the foliage of the garden. It passed, and about half an hour later, Tristen comes and sits at the counter with me, still watching the movie. A few minutes later, he suddenly says in a quiet voice, “I just keep remembering the dream part where they left the baby all alone.” And then he starts to cry.

I go over and try to explain that (as well as I could remember, and to help him feel better) that was just what Mary imagined she was hearing when she heard Colin crying at night, that he was just crying because his body hurt, and they didn’t really abandon the baby (although I think that is what happened – it’s been awhile since I read it). He just kept crying, saying, “Why would someone do that to a baby? You can’t leave a baby alone like that. He was just crying and crying.”

I had to sit down with him for a few minutes and talk some more before he could calm down. I often forget that he’s really my most sensitive child since he hides it so well behind 8-year-old boy callousness. But he is the first to tune in to my moods (well, the only one really) and the most easily hurt by things. Sweet T.


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