What I Did On My Winter Break, by Me

In an effort to distract myself from the reality of bedrest and occupy my mind and body, I started crocheting again. Previously, I had only ever made blankets (OK, started blankets – I’d never actually finished a crocheting project). This time I got the idea to make some hats for the baby, then found all these awesome resources online for patterns and instructions/refreshers for how to make stitches – yippee! I had no idea all you could make crocheting. So I whiled away many hours picking what I wanted to make, starting with hats, then moving to booties, then adult slippers, adult/child beanies/hats and other cute accessories. I compiled quite a few printouts (which my mom got me a binder to organize them in – thank you!), then started going.

In all, I made 4 baby hats, 2 pair booties (working on a third now), 4 kids’ hats, hats for the boys’ teachers/carpool drivers, fingerless gloves and a headband for my little sister for Christmas, and a headband and necklace for my buddy Makelle (who is also a driver of the Mace – forgot to take a pic of hers, so I used the pattern pic: mine looked pretty much the same). It’s been fun, I’ve learned a lot, and it’s really helped keep me from going crazy when Monster insists on watching only what she wants during the day or I otherwise can’t watch TV, or in the evenings when Restless Leg tries to act up. Well, that and online shopping. 🙂

So here’s what I made:


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