So pleeeeez, make some…..

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese!!

Since there isn’t much going on around here these days aside from me incubating (as PJ likes to call it), I thought I’d toss out the recipe for what I’ve been living on these days: Melanie’s Mac & Cheese (of course, I also have a couple recipes for real mac & cheese that are awesome, but this is the lunchtime standby). Most of my friends & family know how much I love the ol’ blue box, and that I have – over the past 25 years – perfected the art of making it. Now, if you make it according to the directions on the box, I feel it comes out soggy, watery and not so very cheesy. So please, try it my way at least once and see if it isn’t cheesy, orangey heaven. This only applies to the real stuff – I don’t do generic for my m&c.

Boil your water.
Once it reaches a full boil, pour in macaroni, stir well.
Set your timer for 2:15.
Get out your strainer, bowl, butter & milk.
Timer goes off; strain & shake off water.
* Pour in bowl & stir in 1 tablespoon butter (yes, that’s all) (margarine is OK, but butter is preferred) until all noodles are coated.
* Shake cheese packet over noodles, pour in 1-2 tablespoons milk (yes, that’s all) and stir well to combine.
Eat while hot!

(* = these steps must be taken while the noodles are piping hot – the heat will help melt the cheese, so you don’t need that ridiculous amount of milk. So don’t get distracted!)

And yes, I do eat this at least once a week for lunch, and about 2-4 times a week these days.


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