Maceism of the Day? – 11/13/09

(Not really a Maceism, per se, but kind of.) When Mace brought his school pictures home yesterday, PJ and I (after laughing for 5 minutes) noticed a strong resemblance to someone else………Mace now says he was purposely trying to look like Lewis from Meet the Robinsons, but we think he’s just making that up because he’s heard us talking about it. Regardless, his picture is just priceless – we think it perfectly captures the essence of Mace.

This morning, he wanted his hair spiked up again, so I did it for him. When I walked him to his class, we were a little late, so both AM and PM classes were there, sitting relatively quietly. As soon as he came in, the room exploded in a chorus of, “Mace!” “Cool hair, Mace!” “Hi, Mace!” “Over here, Mace!” The teachers had to quiet everyone back down and restore order, with Mace acting like this was completely normal. Apparently he has quite the fan club. It was really cute.


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