The Most Expensive Nap Ever

I’ll also put this in my pregnancy blog update, but thought I’d post it here, just for kicks.

Yesterday, I decided I really needed to take my medication to help with the contractions all day, not just at night. I’d been putting this off because I hate the way they make me feel (weak, shaky, racing pulse, funky vision, etc.), but I’ve just been having too many contractions to ignore anymore. So, I take them with breakfast about 9:30, then PJ, Monster and I head to Target around 11:00. I see a friend there and am talking with her, when the shaking gets really bad and I get all hot/cold and clammy and feel like I’m either going to pass out or throw up. So I sit on a display and wait for PJ to come back, then we head slowly for the car.

I only make it to the end of the aisle before I have to sit on the floor because I just feel terrible. PJ convinces me to call my doctor, and they recommend I come on in. My doctor is of course still on vacation, but the on-call guy sees me and sends me to the hospital to be monitored. Great.

So, from 12:30-4:00 I enjoy peace and quiet and have a wonderful nap. All the tests they ran show nothing to indicate anything specific is wrong, and I guess the info they got from monitoring the contractions wasn’t enough to scare them, so I went home.

All I can conclude is that I’m not used to being on these meds while up and running, since the last time I had to take them, I was on bedrest. Plus, I’d overexerted myself the night before and did feel terrible from the time I woke up, so that probably didn’t help.

Can’t wait to get the bill for this. (12/1: Just got it – only $77! Small miracle!)


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