Maceism of the Day – 10/29/09

Parent-Teacher conferences were today, and of course the fabulous Mrs. O and I had lots to talk about. Apparently Mace has been having more tantrums since moving to the afternoon class, but she thinks it’s ok – gives her more to work out with him before he moves on to his next poor teacher.

Anyway, last week, she had asked the kids to quietly recite the rules, then line up for recess. Eventually, only Mace and two other girls (one of whom was sitting next to Mace – poor girl) remained in their seats, having failed to follow directions yet. So, she sends everyone else out for recess. Once Mace realizes what has happened, he starts to get ticked, and when she explains why he doesn’t get to go out yet, he says, “Hel-LO?! She has her hands in my underpants!” (Picture this with him standing, arms spread wide, totally indignant.) (ETA: We still haven’t been able to figure out if she did have her hands in his pants or not…..)

Mrs. O said she had to work very hard to keep her “Teacher Face” on – I can only imagine – that kid can be unintentionally and inappropriately hilarious.


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