Maceism of the Day – 10/28/09

Yes, it’s been a while – the boy’s been at school, apparently sharing his little pearls there. But here’s what he came home saying yesterday.

Mace: “How come when they answer all my questions, I can’t talk anymore?”
Mom: “Huh? Who? What?”
Mace: “At school. My teachers. When they answer my questions, they say I can’t talk anymore.”
Mom: “Well, it’s probably time for the teacher to talk then.”
Mace: “Oh.” (Pause) “But I want to talk!”

Those poor, poor teachers.

Oh, and the only thing Mace says he doesn’t like about school? “Sitting criss-cross applesauce (Indian-style, if you are my age). It hurts my back!” (Plus, there’s the whole thing about having to sit in one spot, not flop, or roll, or jump, or…..)


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