My children…….just ate their dinner

An actual dinner, consumed by all with zero incidences of me shrieking, “Eat! Just eat!” Monster had to have her onions and celery removed, but with the prospect of bread looming ahead, she actually ate most all of her chicken noodle soup. And T ate his whole bowl practically before I’d started, wanting his bread.

I know it’s just a fluke, I know tomorrow night we’ll be back to the regular script of kids hopping around, playing and saying, “I want chicken nuggets! Why can’t we just have chicken nuggets?!”, but for tonight, it’s bliss.


One thought on “My children…….just ate their dinner

  1. Here is what you do…duct tape them to their chairs until they eat…simple…problem solved:) lol.kidding… All kids put up a fight over dinner until they are older. Mine will eat just about everything at this point, hang in there, there is hope. Always make them try at least one bite. I never short order cooked for any of mine, they got what I made or nothing at all…it works, sounds mean but it works. Children's taste buds are over developed when they are little so food tastes stronger to them than it does to us, that is why almost all of them hate onions and tomatoes and mushrooms.

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