Soccer Time!

With the end of summer comes the start of school and soccer season! It’s Mace’s first year, so Dad will be his coach this year and next, and both seem to be having a great time. We were thinking at first that Mace might be a bit like T was his first couple of years – mostly running around the field, just having fun being a dude. But Mace has really gotten into it, and as of last practice, was even being aggressive and focused. Wow! Mace, focused on something!!

We switched leagues this year to actually get into the boys’ school area, so Tristen goes to school with over half his team now, which he seems to really enjoy (probably doesn’t hurt that his lady-love is on the team, too). He has really improved this year! He’s one of the more aggressive players, constantly going after that ball, even if it’s buried in defenders.

Having 2 in sports at the same time is a challenge, especially with just one car, but I knew it would be. Somehow, the small detail that escaped me was the fact that I’d be sitting for 2 games each Saturday. Duh. It’s only going to get crazier when Monster starts some activity in Kindergarten. But hey, keeps things interesting, right?

Here’s some footage of the MaceMace scoring a goal! (You might me trying hard to stay out of the mother/daughter debate going on next to me: those two bicker every single game/practice they’re together – it’s real fun.)


One thought on “Soccer Time!

  1. Most excellent! My record is 4 in soccer all at once, each on a different team:) That stank big but it only lasted 3 weeks when Leavi decided she didn't like playing coed so she quit, whew! What a relief that was! Did I mention it was 2 different leagues too, one that stayed in La Center and one that travelled all over Vancouver. 2 kids in each league…UGH! Glad that is over, now I have 3 in 3 different sports until next week and then down to only soccer:) Hang in there kiddo, it gets even busier! Way to Mace BTW!

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