Big Girl, Big Girl!

I always stress about Potty Training, even though I know, and have seen it happen over and over, that children aren’t ready until they’re ready. (Caveat: unless you’re the kind of person who is really motivated and dedicated to staying on top of it until the kid gets it – I am not that kind of person.) We’d tried various times over the past year to get Monster interested, with varying levels of frustration resulting.

But last week (as it always happens), after being wet one time, she said, “I want to go pee in the potty.” OK! And her enthusiasm has stayed pretty consistent since. Of course, she has times where she doesn’t want to, or potties/bathrooms that are more intimidating, and accidents – but overall, she’s doing great! She has little problem pooping in the potty (the boys resisted that more), and even went without problem in the Kohl’s bathroom – yippee! (Oh, and the Dora and Princess underpants have helped a bit.)

So no, none of my kids are “early” potty-ers. But they all get it done in due time and – when left to decide for themselves – with little drama.

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