The value of a buck….

We’re out shopping and Tristen finds Lego Batman for the Wii, which he wants desperately, on sale for $15. So PJ tells him he can get it if he pays for it out of his piggy bank. Totally excited, he buys it and we go home. Then we tell him to pay up, so he brings his bank out and empties it out, saying, “I’ve got $50!” Turns out, he has roughly $10, plus we owe him $5 for September’s allowance. So we give him $.50 for his tithing and take the rest – then PJ takes pity on him and gives him $1 to put back in. Tristen is beside himself – he just can’t believe it’s all gone! We explain several times about how he wanted the game, and this is what $15 looks like, and you have to save up to buy things you want, etc., etc. He sobs all the way to bed, and in there for awhile. But I believe he’s thinking more about his money now and what he wants to do with it. And he does love that game.


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