Losing your mind…

happens so slowly, you just sort of don’t notice it. Not until that final straw lands and you go over the edge. Sometimes it does so slowly, drifting down and falling softly onto the pile of similarly harmless-looking straws, all of which are deceptively suffocating. Other times, it’s that last giant stick that comes crashing down on your little teepee of sticks and straws and obliterates your carefully-constructed cage. Either way, when the fog clears a little, you’re left in the same condition – with one little hand waving weakly out the top of the mountain.


2 thoughts on “Losing your mind…

  1. Hi Melanie, my name is John. If I understand it correctly, Kyle was your aunt. I saw an obit in the Seattle Times (9-15-09) that turned out to be Kyle's father. It said Kyle had predeceased her father. I searched the web and found your blog. Thanks for posting Kyle's obit. I knew her when she lived in Seattle, but lost contact after she went to California, circa 1974. I've often thought of her and wondered where life's journey took her. Now I know. Kyle, RIP. Thanks again, John

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