Summer Fun – Beach Day – July 2009

Again, what do you do when it’s blazing hot? You leave town. I heard the forecast, decided I couldn’t handle it, so I packed up the kids and the dog and headed west.

We ended up (eventually) somewhere I suddenly can’t remember. It’s just north of Seaside, in Gearhart. You can drive on the beach and just park there. It was a great day – I can’t remember having such fabulous weather at the Oregon Coast – I was in my swimsuit and wasn’t even cold! I guess that’s what happens when it’s over 100 in the city.

Ronan discovered his long-hidden water dog roots – he may have had the most fun.

Our Camp on the BeachKite FlyingAll 3! In one picture!Best Buddies

Monster refused to wade in the surf, so here’s where she hung out:
Trying to get a long shot of everyone’s relative positions – hey, I’m no photographer


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