Maceism of the Day – 8/12/09

I got up a couple hours after the kids (hey, just par for the course here lately, people – I’m tired!), and I’m in the bathroom washing my hands. Mace comes in and starts talking – here’s a rough playback:

Mace: “We can’t eat smudges, cuz when we do, we get chocolate up our noses and they’re not good and they go into your nose.”
Mom: “Mmhmmmmm……”
Mace: “Yeah. We don’t like smudges. They’re gross.”
Mom: “Yes, I guess we shouldn’t eat smudges.” (Thinking, why/how would you eat a smudge? But, hey, Mace is Mace – we just go with the flow.)

So I’m done and we head to the kitchen to get breakfast going. There on the counter is……a bowl with some old dried up pieces of ………. fudge. And the light bulb turns on. He’d been wanting a piece of that fudge since we brought it home on Sunday, but we’d forgotten all about it. I wonder if he’ll ever try fudge again?


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