Maceism of the Day – several

So I’ve got a few Maceisms to catch up on:

First, back in early July, Mace was attending Safety Town (if your kids are in N Clack. Schools, I highly recommend they go!), where they learn about Stranger Safety, Bus Safety, Poison, Guns, Police, etc. for 8 days. So, on Friday he learned about Police and 911. We picked him up and left straight away for our weekend at Kah-Nee-Ta. There, in the teepee campground, the kids would ride their bikes around the street and paths, where we could keep an eye on them.

So, Saturday morning, I’m washing the dishes outside the bathroom, right by the pay phone. Suddenly, a tribal police officer is there, checking out the phone. He asks me if I’ve seen any kids messing with the phone – someone has been calling 911 and hanging up all morning. I tell him I’ve seen a bunch of kids, but can’t think of anyone around the phone —- wait, my son has been making his rounds, picking up the phone & hanging it up, but he doesn’t know how to call…………..oh, crap. I tell the officer I suspect it was my kid and I’ll handle it.

We catch Mace on his next circuit and ask him to show us what he’s been doing. He picks up the phone, pushes 911 and hangs up. So we have our culprit. We explain to him that 911 is only for emergencies, like if there’s a fire, or if you’re lost, or hurt, and never just for playing. We then tell him that the police came here looking for him, because he was messing with 911. To which he calmly replies, “The police didn’t come last night.” Awesome. So he’s been pranking their phone for the past day and a half. We thought we’d noticed an awful lot of police patrols.

Primary Maceisms:

We’re so lucky that Mace’s Primary teachers love and appreciate him, because he’s really something. Each Sunday when we pick him up, there’s a new report of something he’s said or done. Recent gems: The Holy Ghost is actually the Horny Ghost, and one week they made a paper cow with little flaps that was a Holy Cow. At least we can amuse the teachers.


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