It’s…..a……Gummi Bear!

Well, for the 1 1/2 people who might read this blog who might not already know….we’re pregnant again! I’m 10 1/2 weeks now, and since we lost the last one at 9 weeks, we’re hopeful this one will stick. 🙂 We had this ultrasound at my 9 week appointment (the exact same date I went in for the last one and the bad news started coming), since my midwife (the awesome Peggy Hayes) couldn’t find the heartbeat, but wouldn’t let me leave until we knew for sure everything was OK. So there the little guy/girl is – we saw the heart beating away and he/she even did a little squirm for me.
Anyway, I’ve never been good about keeping this sort of thing quiet, and since this is my journal of sorts, it’s coming out now. And we’ve known for 6 weeks, so this has got to be a record for me! I feel pretty crummy, but it’ll pass soon enough, I know.
Coolest baby-related thing so far? PJ’s mom saw this totally cute crib on the side of the road, painted green just like MaraJade’s toddler bed, with a mattress. So she picks it up for us. (Yes, we gave everything away after the last one.) And, me being me, I find the model number and look it up online. Lo and behold, it’s been recalled. Well, crap. But then I find out that all we have to do is send in some of the hardware and proof of the model number and they send me a voucher for a new crib! I just got it today, and it’s almost $200!! I’ve never had a new crib before, so I am totally stoked that I get to pick one out. For free! Woo hoo! Way to go, Gummi Bear!

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