Kasmira is here!

Kasmira Katherine Janice – born June 11, 2009. Approx. 7:45 pm. 6 lbs., 13 oz.; 20″ long.

Well, she’s finally here. Jaime was due on Monday, but just wasn’t far enough along for her doctor to induce, even though her poor feet were so swollen they looked like they might pop! So she was scheduled to be induced Friday morning at 6:00 am.

By Thursday, she and Kathy suspected she really was in labor, but they went to Tiana, Tristen and Mace’s school things all day. We showed up at their house around 5:30, and by 5:50 it was time to get to the hospital! I threw the kids at PJ at basketball and we got to Kaiser by about 6:15. They established she really was in labor and moved her to her room about 1/2 hour later.

Everything moved extremely quickly – Jaime really wanted some sort of pain relief, but neither 2 nurses nor the anesthesiologist could get a line in her because her hands/arms were so darn swollen. And in the end it was a moot point. She came at 7:45 with no drugs whatsoever. Jaime’s a champion! Kasmira is healthy and beautiful and Jaime’s doing great.

Mommy and Kaz.

One very proud big sister.

Grandma Kathy & her #5.

The menfolk checking out Kasmira

“Helping” nurse Ann check the baby over. Ann was great! (This is about as close as MaraJade wanted to get to the baby.)

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