Cake & Fish – Memorial Day Weekend 2009

On Sunday, we were having family dinner & Jaime had requested Chocolate Mousse Cake, so I indulged her (since she’s really, really, really pregnant and all (hee hee hee)) and made it. Now, I’m no food photographer, but it does taste quite fabulous, even 3 days later at 1 in the morning.

Then on Monday, we went fishing. This is always an adventure, since our family hasn’t really found our “perfect” spot. All we need is a little lake with beach-type access for the kids to play in the water, with a fast drop-off so we can fish in the same area, with not too much shade, that doesn’t have a ton of people everywhere. Oh, and we want to be guaranteed to catch some fish. That’s all.
We tried Harriet Lake, and after a few wrong turns, found out it wasn’t for us. So we headed to Timothy Lake, found an acceptable area, were then turned off by an exceptionally large rowdy family, the steep slope, and copious amounts of billowing dust/dirt, then packed it in.

We ended up at Farraday Lake (actually Reservoir), which is where we’ve ended up the past 3 years. We even got our favorite little spot off an old boat launch. Tiana almost caught 2, Tristen and Mace each got 1, and I even accidentally caught one. Honestly, I was just reeling in Tiana’s line. But it was a beauty! Ha ha ha!


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