Kids Height Predictor

So I used one of those online height predictors for the kids (like this) and according to them:

Tristen will be 5’10”
Mace will be 5’11”
MaraJade will be 5’4″

Now, I don’t actually know what they weigh, so I guessed, but as for the rest…..

I’ve always thought that Mace will end up a little taller and lankier than Tristen, who will almost certainly be built like Dad (because that’s how it goes when you clone yourself). And Mace seems to have my body type.

But MaraJade – 5’4″?! Well, crap. Poor little munchkin got all the family’s recessive genes. Thanks a lot, Aunts Andi and Jaime! šŸ™‚

Guess we just have to wait about 10-15 years and see how this pans out!

*Of course this doesn’t actually “predict” anything, but it’s still fun to find this out and see how it all turns out in the end.


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