The Holy Ghost, by Mr. T

Tristen gave his first talk in Primary today that he read all by himself. I can’t believe he’s old enough to do this now! He helped me prepare it and even practiced it a few times, studying it during Sacrament. I think he liked that it included a personal story of his.

You’ll need to turn the sound way up, and even then you may not be able to make it out, so here’s the transcript:

Before we are baptized, we can all feel the Holy Ghost at some times.
But only after we are baptized do we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
This means that we can have the Holy Ghost to be with us and help us as long as we are living right.

The Holy Ghost will guide us and protect us if we listen to its promptings.
When we ask for His help, Heavenly Father often speaks to us through the Holy Ghost.

Last week, I lost my journal at the movie theater.
My mom and dad looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it. I was very sad. My mom helped me say a prayer, asking Heavenly Father to help us find it. But we didn’t find it, so my parents got me a new one that night at the store.

Much later that night, my dad felt that he should go back to the movie theater and check again.
He looked all over, and finally found it in some bushes.
I have a testimony that the Holy Ghost helps and blesses us when we are faithful, even before we are baptized.


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