Happy Mother’s Day!

I was going to call this “Happy @#$*!&$^# Mother’s Day”, but decided against it. Overall, a pretty good day. The kids were dependably horrible that morning and we almost missed the Primary kids singing to the moms in Sacrament because the boys were having one of their super long bathroom excursions, and even though we raced them back just in time, I was way too snarly by then to care and sulked through the rest of the service. We had to leave church before the Relief Society luncheon thing put on by the Priesthood to get out to Boring to be with my family. I love having our annual Mother’s Day brunch/lunch at Auntie Linda’s, it just sucks that I always miss the church thing. Oh, well. And we were even later getting to that because PJ had to stop off at Costco to get my and his mom’s Mother’s Day gifts. So I was very pleasant for a while there.

But overall, it was very nice. PJ got me the Blu-Ray edition of BBC’s Pride and Prejudice miniseries to replace my DVDs (can’t wait to watch it!), Tristen wrote a story about me in school (Duh! They told us to write it, Mom!) and the kids made cookie flowers (which I let them eat) at the Primary activity on Saturday. So it was good.


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